Traditional e-mail maybe lost, due to failures in the services, spammed or even hacked, which of course is not very pleasant, even if the information stolen is not that important.

Using a disposable temporary email allows you to fully protect against the loss of personal information. All your information is completely confidential. takes privacy very seriously. Logged in credentials and personal information are not shared with any third parties.

For each user, we generate a temporary email address and also a hash to offer basic security. It's not secure 100% and we don't encourage to use this service to receive confidentialor critical data.

Incoming messages sent to active temporary emails are stored on our servers for at least 24h, but messages sent to non active mailboxes are dropped and not stored on the server.

We only use cookies to keep track of the most recent inbox that you've visited. We do not track our users, nor do we use cookies to keep personal information. We do not collect any information about our end users and we only use Google Analytics for traffic reporting and to better understand how we can improve our service.

Last but not least we reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy without prior notification.

Last edited: 20.11.2014